Services We Provide

Improve the appearance of your property’s trees with tree removal and other services from Steve and Son Tree. Using tough equipment, we do a thorough job that leaves your trees in better shape than we found them.

Tree Removal

Drastically improve your property by removing downed trees, and eliminating dangerous tree growth. Steve and Son’s experience with the right equipment leave your trees in better shape than we found them.


Trimming keeps your trees healthy and looking their best. Removing dead or dying branches benefits the whole tree by reducing risk of disease, insects and decay. You should always hire a licensed and experienced professional. Trees that are properly trimmed are more visually appealing and healthier, and live longer.


Steve and Son will do a complete check that provides specific details about the health and stability of your tree. Trees close to your home or building should be inspected before they show signs of sickness or deterioration, and become a threat to do damage to your property.


Call us for chipping service to remove already-downed trees or trimmings.

More Services

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